Our Team

Our team is comprised of entrepreneurial individuals with diverse financial and operational experience, enabling us to view transactions from all angles

Josh Curtis icon-team-hove
Josh Curtis
Managing Partner
Greg  Bickett icon-team-hove
Greg Bickett
Managing Director
Christian Olson icon-team-hove
Christian Olson
Richard  Barnhart icon-team-hove
Richard Barnhart
Senior Director
Michael Butler icon-team-hove
Michael Butler
Senior Director
Kimberly Dennis icon-team-hove
Kimberly Dennis
Senior Director
Ken Weixel icon-team-hove
Ken Weixel
Senior Director
Roger Campbell icon-team-hove
Roger Campbell
Senior Director, BD
Wade Kozich icon-team-hove
Wade Kozich
Senior Advisor
Ben Curtis icon-team-hove
Ben Curtis
Vice President
Janice Guo icon-team-hove
Janice Guo
Vice President
A.J. Mark icon-team-hove
A.J. Mark
Vice President
Casey  Grisez icon-team-hove
Casey Grisez
Senior Associate
Katie  Northeim icon-team-hove
Katie Northeim
Senior Associate
Natalie Lo icon-team-hove
Natalie Lo